5 Luxurious Hotels In New Zealand To Consider

Words fail to capture what New Zealand is all about when it comes to holiday getaways, multicultural cuisines, and natural wonders. You just have to visit the country for a first-hand experience. To make the most of your trip, consider booking yourself into a luxurious hotel where hospitality is guaranteed. Getting to these luxurious hotels in New Zealand is easy with mini bus hire:

Matakauri Lodge

It stands out as one of the most popular hotels in Queenstown for many reasons. The hotel is perched above the shores of Lake Wakatipu, offering guests pristine sunrise and sunset views. You will also fall in love with the hotel’s fine five star boutique resort experience. Nature lovers will find it even harder to leave. The hotel is literally tucked inside ten acres of pine forest. This means it guarantees a serene experience for the introvert. There’s something for the outgoing too, with bungee jumping off the Kawarau Suspension bridge just minutes away from the hotel.

You also get to choose between lodge suites or freestanding villas that are perfectly designed in harmony and are in sync with nature. Other extras include your own fireplace, two-person tubs, and even private garden terraces that guarantee sublime mountain lake views. The menu is as you may have guessed, detailed with both local and international cuisines.

Hamurana Lodge

Natives say that there is no other place in New Zealand that captures the magic nature of the country as much as Rotorua, where Hamurana Lodge is located at. Luxurious amenities of a world-class lodge easily blend with the grandeur of a manor house and the tranquil touch of a country lodge. This is by far the perfect enclave from which you and your loved ones can explore the Bay of Plenty.

The hotel sits on a 12-acre lifestyle farm that’s complete with towering redwood trees. Bird watchers will love it here as the hotel is home to rare and endangered native birds. A long, tree-lined driveway leads you to the hotel’s estate, which also features the scintillating and spiritually rich Hamurana Springs. Go biking along mountain trails, trout fishing, or go out and learn a thing or two about the Maori Culture, then relax to the quiet, relaxing cove that Hamurana Lodge is.

Mangapana Hotel

You do not come across well-maintained 19th century homesteads set on 20 garden acres brimming with peach trees and roses every day. When you set foot on the Mangapana Hotel on New Zealand’s Southeast Coast, you know for sure you are lucky. The island on which the hotel sits will first blow your mind. Get into the hotel and savour the comfort and all luxurious extras that the guest suite with breath-taking themed interiors has to offer. That is not all; attention to detail highlights the sugar dusted shortbread that ushers you in to this little-known paradise.

Start your day with personalized menus. Enjoy your breakfast like a king then head out to soak up in Hawke’s Bay sun, dive in the pool or treat yourself to a spa. Dozens of wineries surround the hotel, so you’ll have a memorable experience if you are a wine lover. There’s also the largest colony of garnet seabirds in the world, located just minutes away from the hotel. Be sure to take advantage of the geothermal wonder of Rotorua before leaving Managapana as well!

Bay of Many Coves

Imagine waking up to a royal like breakfast table complete with exotic meals, then heading out to walk along a white sandy beach with turquoise blue waters dancing at your feet. Walk back to a hotel room where a Maori massage experience waits for you. You can also take a hike through forests full of giant, prehistoric ferns. The day isn’t over yet, so go back to your cove where a detailed menu with local and international cuisines await you. This is what The Bay Of Many Coves is all about. It is a collection of beautiful glass walled apartments surrounded by water. You get to choose between one- or two-bedrooms apartments which are all minutes away from Picton Harbour. Night falls and you experience natural light spectacle of glow-worms in the bush. Morning comes and you wake up to world-class hospitality. You will want to stay here forever.

Millbrook Resort

It is a one-of-a-kind resort solely designed to embody the laid-back New Zealand country lifestyle. Surrounded by pristine dewy meadows and lush greenery, Millbrook Resort is without a doubt one of Queenstown’s treasured gems. It is the perfect spot for golf lovers, with an 18-hole golf course waiting to be explored. The menu features some of Asia’s most popular specialities. There are lounges, private balconies, multiple bedrooms and even kitchenettes all designed to help you customize your stay here. The dining options are endless. Coffee lovers will love fresh brewed coffee served by the hotel. Dive in the pool at noon to cool off or visit the decadent spa. The list of luxurious extras here goes on and on!