A Handy Guide to Ordering Steak, Follow these Steps to Get a Perfect Cut!

When you are at a popular steakhouse and the server asks for your order, you are facing a huge dilemma on which cut to choose. You are presented with so many options like a rib eye, a filet mignon, a porterhouse and so much more! Every steak cut has its own specialty, and this article will enlighten you about the same. So, the next time you visit Rib’N Reef steakhouse, you know what to ask for.

  • Know the cuts

      1. Ribeye: The strip streaks and the ribeye are the softest as they come from the horn and hoof which are the least worked muscles of a cow. The ribeye as the name suggests, comes from the rib area. It is boneless and made of the eye and the spinalis or the ribeye cap which is the external part of a ribeye or the piece of main rib. The bone version of this is a cowboy steak and has a larger cut. It has more fat than other cuts that melts when cooked and another layer is added to flavor the steak.
      2. Strip Streaks: They are another classic, famous from great tenderness, marbling and flavor. They are boneless and cut from strip loin when removed from short loin. A Kansas City strip is a NY strip that is left to the bone. NY and KC strip are well marbled and flavor loaded.

  • Bone in versus boneless

A few cuts like porterhouse, T bone or the KC strip are always on the bone, but the filet mignon or a ribeye can be on or off the bone. Bone tends to protect some meat when cooked and it stays moist for most times. Bones heat up slower than the meat and stay hot for a longer time. They also bear some flavor due to the marrow which holds the bone intact. Try it both the ways and choose which one you like for yourself.

  • Choose your doneness

    1. Rare: Placed on a hot grill and marked in a crosshatch design for a couple minutes. Will be caramelized on the external and have a cold red center.
    2. Medium Rare: Similar to rare but cooked for longer. Caramelized or charred on the external.
    3. Medium: nicely charred, caramelized on the outside and have a warm pink center. Less juice because it is cooked for longer time.
    4. Medium Well: cooked with a slight hint of pink in the center. The steak is firm and has no juice.
    5. Well Done: a well-cooked steak with no pink at all. This steak is dry and has no juice. The flavor is lost when cooked at this degree.