Cruise To Antarctica Leaves You Spellbound

Cruising is a lot of fun and if you are going on cruise to Antarctica, then it can be the most amazing and adventurous experience for any traveler. Antarctica is the coldest region on this planet. It is covered in ice throughout the year. If you become successful in getting a cruise ticket to this freezing piece on this planet, then it will not be less than a dream coming true. The wildlife, towering and ice covered mountains, icebergs on this White Continent attract thousands of tourists every year. Most of the cruises reach this continent via South America.

Going on a cruise ship is something that has many hidden things. Tourists who have never been to this continent do not know much about it. So let’s tell you the things which you never knew before about here

  1. Size of the cruise:

There are around 50 different sizes of cruise that visit Antarctica every year. You can get a tine sized expedition ship which can accommodate around 25 passengers. These ships are good for those tourists, who want to visit more parts on the land. These cruises can easily dock more often. And if you want to experience the gigantic cruises then you can choose a traditional cruise which can let 1000 tourists to board on. Expedition ships are pricey so if you are on budget trip then do not go for this option.

  1. Can go for swimming too:

If you are fond of swimming then do take a good quality swimsuit along. If you are a thick-blooded northerner, then it might not be a good chance to swim, but the tourists on Antarctic cruises can have an opportunity of enjoying a short dip in freezing cold and icy water. Hurtigruten and there are some more cruises which let the tourists swim at more than one spots. There are few ships which only allow and give the tourists a chance to swim on one spot called Deception Island because the water here is relatively warmer because of some volcanic events.

  1. Can continue with workouts:

For all those health and fitness conscious travelers, there is an exciting news here. You can continue with your exercise routine in a high tech gyms with saunas as well. But this facility is only for those travelers who are going on huge cruises like HurtigrutenMidnatsol. The most amazing thing about such exercise routine during the cruise is the view that you can enjoy right in front of your eyes while working out in the gym. That view could be the most mesmerizing thing you have had ever experienced in your life anywhere in this world. Large ships also have the facility of seafront decks that sometimes also have outdoor track for walking in outdoors.

  1. Kayaking like never before:

In case you think that you are not a swimmer who would like to swim in freezing cold and icy water, then you can at least experience kayaking. This could be really fun activity where you can have view of icebergs and beautiful wildlife including penguins, whales and seals.