Going to Mount Bromo without a Tour Guide

Mount Bromo sits in the Eastern end of Java between Surabaya and Yogyakarta and can be rather often lumped in as a member of a tour going from one of the two cities. This typically involves taking a private van with a few other tourists and staying in accommodation that has been pre-booked. The guest homes may or may not be pleasant to keep in. The experience will probably be cookie-cutter. It will end at Mount Bromo for the sunrise, where multiple vans arrive with boatloads of tourists who will leave soon after 5 am. It requires minimal effort and is entirely anticlimactic. Here is my experience in going to Mount Bromo without a tour guide.

There is a way not only to save cash but to make this tremendously more exciting and more authentic: see Mount Bromo independently of a tour.

My jumping-off point happened to become Bondowoso after scaling Kawah Ijen, which I did separately of a tour and was happy with my experience when all was said and done.

A public bus Departed the Bondowoso bus station bound for Probolinggo (as it would from Surabaya or even Yogyakarta) several times every day. Catching the afternoon bus, I compensated USD 1.60 to the bus attendant and settled for the 4-hour ride. Stopping a couple of times from letting on guitar-playing buskers and bite touts, the trip took me stunning countryside and just made minimal, and very brief, stops.

From Probolinggo, a small bus takes off for Cemoro Lawang (the base of Bromo) was full. Because of that, I utilized my legs to hike to the summit for sunrise, instead of taking a week, I hunted out lodging at the maximum point near the road head. When there are many possibilities, I ended up in Losmen Setia Kawan home remain.

The first day was spent walking to the Bromo volcano, which involved a stroll across the sand sea, bypassing the Hindu temple, and scaling up a pair of stairs to the crater opening.

This part of the Hike is usually accessed using a jeep tour shortly after the sunrise at the summit. The walk was mostly flat, however, and pretty simple to perform sans-tour. Additionally, I prefer a walk to a ride. The next day at 3:30 am, coat on, hand-drawn map in hand, and headlamp in tow, I began what The It wasn’t nearly as hard as say, Rinjani or Kinabalu, however, was a fantastic way to have some exercise and was a nice challenge.

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