How the Government Shutdown Is Affecting Travel Plans

The recent government shutdown which seems to be impartial and unfair in U.S has raised all sort of questions regarding the aviation safety and security, mostly to national parks. The US government determination to secure the funds for borders is just going way more than expected with no progress at all. All services have been discontinued where employees are working without the pay. What question arise here is the impact of this shutdown in your travel plans. So here is what you need to know in that context. 

The Shutdown Effect on Airports 

TSA agents, hundreds of them are informing being and leaving from work. It is due to the fact that how federal government employees haven’t received any pay check but still supposed to be working. They have been promised to be paid after the shutdown get over. So there is fewer staff on airports which led to the efficiency of the airport security check and queues. So basically you will have to be longer for check-in process including security checks, baggage and other processes.

Will You Able To Get Your Passport Processed? 

If you are planning for the travel anytime soon, you may reconsider whether this will be a smooth time to get away in vacations or not. You might be looking for passport renewal or even applying for a new passport. According to U.S State department released a statement where they confirmed that federal government will be continuing the passport offering services during the shutdown as well. Also, all those passport agencies where you will be assisted on this stay working as well. You will be open to apply for a new passport or for a renewal as well. There are also mail services through which you can renew your documents which take process timing of around four to six weeks. 

National Parks – Open or Not? 

That you will have to check upon as many national parks has been opened for the visitors where some will be closed. Even the opened ones will be highly understaffed. Various services inside the National parks such as trash removals, maintenance, restrooms and others will be closed. There are other National parks such as Rocky Mountain National Park and Joshua Tree National Park will be closed or forced to closed due to inability to maintain the park with shortage of visitors. 

Some Attraction or Sightseeing points Will Be Closed

Due to shortage of staff and improper maintenance and surely of other pressures, some attractions will be closed for the visitors. Some are National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of American History, National Zoo, National Museum of African American History and Culture and more will be closed. It will be great if you share to other travellers about which of the attractions are closed. It can be social media or just share your experience with to make people aware of these sites being closed. The least can be done is to make sure nobody’s vacation got ruined due to this government shutdown. Also, which national parks and Museums are open also can be shared with other travellers.