How to Make Your Company Beach Trip the Perfect Getaway

With the New Year upon us, there is no denying that the coming of summer is almost here. In fact, many of you might even be experiencing the sun slowly getting warmer by each day. If you belong to the workforce, you will certainly find yourself envying school children who are on their summer break.

The long and dreadful days of summer can be particularly hard for those with a lot of commitment and responsibilities within the company. To help everyone in your office unwind; why not take your whole staff on a trip to the best resorts in Batangas? Not only would this give them a chance to take a much-needed breather, but this is also a time where you can foster deeper relationships with one another.

Below are some ways you can make your company gathering a day to remember:

Plan the Itinerary

No one wants to stress themselves out from planning the whole itinerary, not when your staffs has other needs and responsibilities they need to attend to. Between the hassles of booking the whole company’s accommodation as well as finding the right transportation that could fit everyone; this beach trip could easily go south when the itinerary is being planned.

To prevent your staff from being overwhelmed with planning the whole trip, you can try giving them a survey about the activities they like to do, the kind of accommodation they are comfortable with. If you need a helping hand, you can simply ask one of them to volunteer, particularly if they hail from the area you are planning to visit. Better yet, call the resort manager whose resort you are thinking of staying at. They can suggest what types of rooms that can comfortably accommodate your party.

Keep Yourself Active

Since going on a beach trip might be the only time most of your employees can see the light of day, why not plan exciting activities that will help them get in touch with nature? From booking water sports, activities, and even simply allowing them to lounge in the sun – your staff will certainly thank you for it.

If they are up for a day of adventure, hire a boat to take your party off the beaten path. From going wreck diving and discover new species of fish to seeing the wonderful sights beneath the waves, this beach trip will surely be one for the books.

Host a Game Night

After a filling meal at the end of your tiring and eventful day, revel in the company of each other. Contact the resort manager and find out if there is a facilitator who can help you host a game night. Aside from the ever-present drinking game and beer pong, you can also hold a trivia night. To make the questions interesting and relatable, you can even start out by asking questions that pertain to the origins of your company. Top it all off with a sweet prize and every one of your staff will go to bed with a smile on their faces.

Take note of these interesting activities for your next company outing to the beach. With summer coming to a close, you can make sure that everyone enjoys their much-needed vacation away from the city.