The Trip Of The Island Of Yotiobahurghada El Gouna


The Ausflüge Delfintour of the island of Yotioba is one of the most wonderful and delightful trips of the gardeque. It allows tourists and guests to enjoy the beauty and nature of the Red Sea and the unique worlds of marine life. It is made up of sea creatures, fish, various colors, shapes and nature.

Flight Program

  • The vessel moves at a certain time
  • While heading towards the island of Yotioba stop in the presence of coral reefs and different fish so that they can swim and do the work of Orenkling for an hour
  • The boat moves to the Yotiyuba to spend about an hour on the island and enjoy the beautiful turquoise beach
  • Return to the boat and have lunch and drink hot and cold drinks and fresh fruit
  • Then move the boat and return to the starting point and start
  • The boat stops elsewhere to work the snorkeling and swimming with different types of fish for an hour
  • Enjoy water games

Touristic Passage

Is a meeting of families and young people in the area of ​​the tourist center and includes a large number of shops, restaurants and cafés that appeal to the Egyptian family and includes places for children’s games

  • Al Jouna Golf Club
  • Al Jouna Golf Club is designed by Jean Bates and Fred Kappels and consists of 18 holes and a playground
  • The championship venue offers golf courses throughout the year in a wonderful atmosphere surrounded by lakes and the Red Sea Mountains
  • The El Gouna Golf Course is across the lakes and is serviced by a free private shuttle bus

Distance between Arish and some cities

  • Distance between Arish and Sharm el-Sheikh 470 km
  • Distance between Arish and Cairo 330 km
  • Distance between Arish and Suez 290 km
  • The distance between Arish and Port Said 240 km
  • Distance between Arish and St. Catherine 430 km
  • Distance between Arish and Taba 290 km

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